The URM Home Studio Training Grounds podcast

If you’re a musician looking to get your home studio off the ground, this show is for you! Eyal Levi and Ryan “Fluff” Bruce sit down to talk shop about all the things they wish they knew when they were getting started.

Episode 1: Recording Guitars part 1

In this episode they talk about all things guitars: the simplest way to get started with recording guitars at home, some things you need to know to avoid damaging your gear, and a few simple but crazy-effective things you can do to level up your tones and more. If you want to record guitars at home without your amp catching on fire, make sure you give this one a listen!

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Episode 2: Recording Guitars part 2

In this episode they continue digging into guitars, focusing on how to get the best results when recording: the proper way to play when recording (and why it’s not the same as playing live), why it’s so hard to program guitars, and the critical importance of simple but often overlooked details (for example, the RIGHT way to use a tuner).

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Episode 3: Choosing The Right DAW

In this episode they dive deep into a hot topic: choosing the right DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). They touch on why you should NOT pick your DAW based on other people’s opinions, the pros and cons of many popular DAWs and most importantly, how to pick the one that’s best for YOU.

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Episode 4: Programming Drums

In today’s episode they talk about the biggest hurdle for many musicians: drums! Or more specifically, the ins and outs of programming MIDI drums for those who don’t have access to a drummer (or drummers who simply can’t record their kit at the moment).

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Episode 5: Vocals

In this episode they tackle what is probably the most fragile part of any recording: vocals. They talk about the keys to tracking a great vocal performance: how to read the vocalist’s state of mind, creating the right environment for them to do their best, and how to record great vocals in a home studio. 

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Episode 6: Bass

In this episode they focus on an incredibly important but often overlooked part of any metal mix: the bass guitar. Some of what they cover: why bass is the secret ingredient to great metal guitar tone, some tricks for recording bass (it’s not quite the same as guitar), and how to use synth and MIDI bass guitars for reference.

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