URM Home Studio Training Grounds EP 3 | Choosing The Right DAW

“You shouldn’t choose your DAW based on trying to prove a point” – Eyal Levi

If you’re a musician looking to get your home studio off the ground, this show is for you! Eyal Levi and Ryan “Fluff” Bruce sit down to talk shop about all the things they wish they knew when they were getting started.

In this episode they dive deep into a hot topic: choosing the right DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). They touch on why you should NOT pick your DAW based on other people’s opinions, the pros and cons of many popular DAWs and most importantly, how to pick the one that’s best for YOU.

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1:43 – Why your choice of DAW really isn’t that big of a deal

8:52 – Why they used Reaper for the beginner’s course

17:09 – Don’t be afraid to try new DAWs and use what works best for you

26:04 – How ProTools became the industry standard

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