URM Home Studio Training Grounds Ep 4 | Programming Drums

“What drummers have that a machine doesn’t have is feel. That’s the thing that makes people move. That’s what makes people get physically inspired by music.” – Eyal Levi

If you’re a musician looking to get your home studio off the ground, this show is for you! Eyal Levi and Ryan “Fluff” Bruce sit down to talk shop about all the things they wish they knew when they were getting started.

In today’s episode they talk about the biggest hurdle for many musicians: drums! Or more specifically, the ins and outs of programming MIDI drums for those who don’t have access to a drummer (or drummers who simply can’t record their kit at the moment).

They cover the finer details of what makes programmed drums sound human, how to think like a drummer, and what software you’ll need to get started.

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2:40 – How the software for programming drums has improved over the years

4:15 – The main people have with programming drums and how to fix it

12:08 – Which velocity you should avoid, especially for cymbals

13:41 – Don’t program drums in a way that someone can’t actually play them 

21:44 – Preferences when it comes to the software and picking the drum sounds

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