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Our comprehensive library of education is for producers of all levels,
from our Complete Beginner’s Guide, to Nail The Mix (intermediate),
to URM Enhanced (advanced).

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Nail the mix

Learn to mix from the industry’s best!

Every month, NAIL THE MIX members get exclusive access to the real multi-track session from the best rock and metal bands in the world, and a full-day live streaming class from the producer who mixed it.

...And many more


Are you ready to level up?

URM Enhanced is our premium tier of content for those who are truly serious about leveling up their audio game. You’ll get all 50+ hours of our Fast Track courses, Mix Rescue, and the chance to book 1-on-1 Skype calls with us!

Fast Track Vault

50+ hours of detailed tutorials

One-On-One Feedback

Skype calls with our instructors

Mix Rescue

Submit your mix to be saved!


In-depth—meticulously detailed—audio production courses.

Our courses are the most in-depth, exhaustively detailed education on the fundamentals of audio. And heads up, these aren’t your typical audio courses– they go DEEP and they’re not for the faint of heart 🙂