URM Home Studio Training Grounds Ep 2 | Recording Guitars part 2

If you’re a musician looking to get your home studio off the ground, this show is for you! Eyal Levi and Ryan “Fluff” Bruce sit down to talk shop about all the things they wish they knew when they were getting started.

In this episode they continue digging into guitars, focusing on how to get the best results when recording: the proper way to play when recording (and why it’s not the same as playing live), why it’s so hard to program guitars, and the critical importance of simple but often overlooked details (for example, the RIGHT way to use a tuner).

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1:44 – How playing guitar can be expressive and also have limitations

4:24 – Why isn’t the guitar a good melodic instrument?

10:38 – Guitar riffs should have a primal reaction

13:43 –  If there’s a right or wrong way to go about how you play when you’re recording

22:03 – Finding the humanizing details in your riffs

26:21 – Why you need to invest in a good tuner even if it sounds elementary

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