URM Home Studio Training Grounds Ep 1: Recording Guitars part 1


If you’re a musician looking to get your home studio off the ground, this show is for you! Eyal Levi and Ryan “Fluff” Bruce sit down to talk shop about all the things they wish they knew when they were getting started.

In this episode they talk about all things guitars: the simplest way to get started with recording guitars at home, some things you need to know to avoid damaging your gear, and a few simple but crazy-effective things you can do to level up your tones and more. If you want to record guitars at home without your amp catching on fire, make sure you give this one a listen!

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2:07 – How to avoid guitar recording issues when starting out in your bedroom (hint: don’t plug it straight into your computer)

8:14 – Making sure you know about impedance 

9:55 – How to not have your equipment catch on fire or blow up

14:41 – You won’t transform as soon as you get to the studio

17:59 – Why changing your guitar strings frequently is crucial

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