EP 239 | Kris Crummett

EP 239 | Kris Crummett

Kris Crummett is a prolific chart topping producer that is best known for his work with bands such as Issues and Dance Gavin Dance.


3:00 – Why Kris had to leave his last studio

12:03 – A client stealing spoons when Kris had his studio at his parents house

19:30 – Horrible dog owners

28:47 – The Get Scared album being put on hold

31:06 – DanceGavinDance being a weird band and how some bands survive major style shifts

52:40 – How big the Tool record could end up being

58:25 – Behemoth’s satanic prayer

1:03:49 – The grooviness of the new Issues record

1:08:38 – How decisions always affect kids, even if it’s not in a major way

1:14:33 – Les Paul’s breaking easily

1:24:42 – Bands having success after disappearing

1:27:09 – Tom Petty being an outlier


Dance Gavin Dance “Head Hunter” / Rise Records 2019 / Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

Issues “Tapping Out” / Rise Records 2019 / Mixed, Mastered

Get Scared “Dead Days LP” / Fearless Records 2019 / Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered

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