EP 238 | Rick Carson

EP 238 | Rick Carson

Rick Carson is an engineer and producer whose work ranges from A Day To Remember to billboard chart topping pop and jazz.


1:59 – Pulling donut pranks in the studio

12:55 – Where Rick went after dropping out of high school

31:29 – Which services and conveniences have made us lazier and ways you can fix that

38:24 – What Rick’s approach to engineering is

53:19 –  Rick and Colin Britton’s unique outlook

57:48 – Rick’s interest in building studios and dislike for math

1:08:48 – What it takes to balance intensity with having to interact with people

1:22:28 – Technicality vs. feeling – which is better in a song?

1:32:27 – Can a client base determine what gear you have in your studio?

1:49:08 – Just how much research Rick is willing to do when he’s determined to learn more

2:12:22 – Rick only names his dogs Bob

2:21:03 – Is YouTube the future of the recording industry?

2:28:54 – How you can win by knowing your gear inside and out

2:38:05 – The haze on Motown records 

2:49:50 – Why you should invest in gear and pay attention to appreciation values

3:00:12 – You should know who Kevin McCombs is

3:07:55 – How to use the cesspool side of the internet to your advantage

3:28:18 – Some of the struggles with online education and how not everyone can do it

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