EP 237 | Ultimate Drum Production '19

EP 237 | Ultimate Drum Production ’19

Matt Brown is a producer, drummer and one of the best damn drum techs to walk the planet. He’s worked with artists such as Shinedown, Mutemath, and Whitechapel.

Matt Brown returns to the podcast to chat about his work with Jon Anderson, revisions in the studio, and what to expect from the new release of his Ultimate Drum Production course. UDP is the most comprehensive course ever created on recording drums, and in this episode we share some of the juiciest bits of the course.

“Watch, observe, actively watch, take notes, and then do. That’s the easiest way to learn. And consistently repeating the “doing” process is how you get better.” – Matt Brown


4:25 – How Matt ended up working with Jon Anderson from Yes and some of the issues that came up along the way

9:20  – Whether or not Jon Anderson is an engineering-minded person

13:32 – How Matt got musicians from a different era to trust him in the studio

23:35 – Why revisions are frustrating even when they shouldn’t be and where Matt draws the line with them

36:10 – How some artists become successful despite the fact that they get in their own way

42:56 – Needing confidence in order to be a great artist

47:17 – The re-release of Ultimate Drum Production and what Matt will address in it

1:07:07 – What some of the most effective methods are for learning and retaining information

1:15:42 – If Matt has received any feedback from people who took his initial UDP course and what it’s like for him to see students succeeding


Ultimate Drum Production

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