EP 240 | Steve Evetts

EP 240 | Steve Evetts

Steve Evetts is a producer, mixer, engineer and songwriter known for his iconic work with The Wonder Years, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, and Suicide Silence.


2:20 – The old gear that sparked Steve’s interest in making music

18:15 – When you should use autotune (and when you shouldn’t)

25:20 – What it takes for Steve to give someone a second chance

32:59 – How you should handle criticism of your work

37:29 – Just because you’re a professional, doesn’t mean your opinion is more developed

46:56 – How Steve creates an explosive environment in the studio

51:51 – Guitar players should stand when playing in the studio

58:29 – When the vision is defined and balancing it with what the band wants

1:05:07 – How Steve gets a natural, tight sound

1:07:12 – Steve’s work with Story of the Year on a heavier record

1:08:32 – The simplicity of recording vocals with Dan from The Wonder Years 

1:10:23 – How Steve recorded the first The Dillinger Escape Plan record

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