EP95 | Studio Voice Hacks With Mary Zimmer

EP95 | Studio Voice Hacks With Mary Zimmer

World renowned vocal coach Mary Zimmer talks to us about how to get the most out of a vocalist in the studio.

Whether you’re a vocalist yourself or a producer that works with singers it’s beneficial to know the ins and outs of singing to get results without destroying vocal chords. If you want to ensure that you’re not going to be out of commission after a couple hours of vocal sessions you’re going to want to check out Mary Zimmer’s advice.

If you don’t understand what’s going on with [vocals] you’ll have a really hard time getting the guy or girl on the other end of the microphone to do what you’re trying to get them to do.” – Mary Zimmer


– Why it’s important for producers to understand the mechanics of singing
– Correct breathing technique
– How to deal with vocalists without a background in proper singing technique
– Tips for vocal health
– What to do if a vocalist isn’t managing to scream enough
– Working with different vocal ranges
– And much, much more

Best warmups for singers and/or screamers – choose one of these if you only have time for one warmup before rehearsal or in the studio:

Breathing for Screamers (and singers):
Tone Placement:
Vocal Heath:
How to Fry Scream:
How to False Cord Scream:
How to Sing with Grit or Rasp:

VoiceHacks by Mary Z
Warmup and Exercises for screamers playlist
For voice lessons on Skype for singers and screamers worldwide email: [email protected] for rates and scheduling.

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  1. I almost never comment / give feedback on stuff like this, but as a long-time guitarist who wants to transition into singing and was looking for some basics, this podcast was absolutely amazing. That was an exceptionally good summary of some high-level knowledge. Thanks to Mary and URM for the outstanding info dump. \m/

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