EP184 | Dan Korneff

EP184 | Dan Korneff

It’s been a long time coming, and we finally have Dan Korneff back to talk dealing with being your own worst enemy, analog setups, and knowing your gear inside and out.

Dan is the definition of renaissance man when it comes to audio. Not only is he a mastermind when it comes to production, but he’s also hands on with creating hardware and plugins. He’s truly inspirational for anyone looking to embody the entrepreneurial spirit.

At a certain point, you just have to be happy with what you’re doing, and not really care about what anybody else says or what anyone else is doing. Just live in the moment and make whatever you’re working on currently the best thing you’ve ever done.” – Dan Korneff


3:00 Dan’s Classic PCB venture, starting a business on his own
9:30 Learning coding, hardware design, knowing what’s going on under the hood of your business/product
16:00 Dan’s opinion on analog vs digital processing, being involved in both sides
20:00 Analog SSL console mixing setups
26:00 Not reading YouTube comments
36:00 Dealing with self doubt
51:00 Candiria’s guitar/bass relationship, single coil tones for metal
54:00 Paramore’s ‘Riot’ drum sample release
56:00 Dan’s book recommendation: ‘The Art of Electronics’ by Horowitz and Hill
And much, much more


The Art of Electronics
URM Podcast Episode 8 with Dan
URM Podcast Tips & Tricks 1 with Dan 

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  1. Dan is the MASTER…period!!

    THE only choice for past, present and future VICIOUS CIRCLE recordings…. he captures the mood of every song perfectly… can’t wait to release the new EP we recently finished together… couldn’t be happier with the outcome \m/

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