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EP8 | Interview w Dan Korneff

Dan Korneff has perfected the process of turning out modern, top-quality mixes on analog gear in an industry that’s moving faster than ever.

Can you imagine mixing on a massive console with tons of outboard, yet still keep up with modern deadline demands? Dan Korneff does it every day. According to him the keys are in the efficiency of your setup and how well you understand you gear.

One of the beautiful things about audio is that there’s usually multiple ways to achieve the same goal. Learn which methods and workflows are best for you, and optimize them until your process is second nature. Then you’ll be able to focus on what really counts, the music!

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Dan Korneff’s client requirements
  • Secrets to punchy mixes with bus compression
  • How to get properly credited for your work
  • Why he prefers Cubase
  • How he integrates Cubase with his console and outboard
  • His inspiration for becoming a gear builder
  • Where to start if you want to build your own audio gear
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Dan Korneff’s site
Dan Korneff’s credits
Savior Custom Drums
CreativeLIVE’s audio courses

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