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TT2 | Vocal Production Tips and Tricks PT1

Vocal production that sounds amazing requires you navigate the intersection of composition, physical performance, gear selection, and creative coaching with your A-game the entire time!

That’s why we devoted two podcast episodes to vocal production and mixing. This one is jam packed with info!

“If the vocal sucks on the record you might as well trash the entire thing” – Joel Wanasek

What you’ll learn in part 1:

  1. Acoustic treatment for vocal recording
  2. How to fix badly recorded vocals
  3. AT4040 vs SM7B
  4. Time aligning vocals by hand
  5. Using Revoice Pro
  6. Autotune tips
  7. Outboard compressors like Shadow Hills and Distressors
  8. Condenser vs dynamic microphones
  9. How to save money on high dollar microphones

Melissa Cross
Izotope RX (audio repair)
Real Traps
Audio Technica
Empirical Labs Distressor
Revoice Pro

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