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EP9 | Mastering Month ’15 Kick Off with Jesse Cannon

Welcome to the Mastering Month 2015 Kick Off w Jesse Cannon

Jesse Cannon, prolific mastering engineer/author/entrepreneur joins the URM Podcast crew to discuss what it takes to become great at mastering and promotion. After all, what good is your talent if you don’t develop it or share it with the world?

To really win at the game of audio you must learn to master your own motivation.

Motivation is the most powerful personal asset you can develop. The same motivation that drives you to become a world class engineer is what will drive you to find better and better paying gigs. Without it you won’t get off the couch, but with it you won’t stop until the job is crushed.

Easier said than done, right? Press play…

“The motivation to not suck is all it took.” – Joey Sturgis

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Jesse’s ITB plugin chain
  • How to handle ear fatigue
  • The #1 way to refresh your hearing
  • 2 keys to a great master
  • Intentional relationship building
  • The secret to keeping high level gigs
  • A positive use of loudness in mastering
  • Fundamentals that every mastering engineer should learn

Jesse’s site
Jesse’s studio
Off The Record Podcast
Noise Creators Podcast
Jesse’s book
DIY Guide podcast
The Lefsetz Letter
Fundamentals of Mixing Rock and EDM with Jesse Cannon on CreativeLIVE
DIY Mastering with Jesse Cannon on CreativeLIVE

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  4. One day, I’ll managed to finally wath the well reviewed : DIY Mastering, that you did for Creativelive.

    I bagan by doing what you did. Mastering awful mixed songs I once put together on various portastudio (all discontinued).

    Became friend with Ian Shepherd, Friedrich Tishmeyer, Rob Williams (the 7 step formula guy).

    I love The Danzig Misfits and The Cure.

    And My 2 bands.

    Plus learning all in a non-stop fashion, only passionate monsters, are able to. Not sleeping, quitting my job. Just watching tutorials, Readind every book on audio mastering. Ear training 4 hours a days, mastering 6 hours a day and doing my 2 hour singing, guitar, bas, piano and looking at xxx Gumby pics.
    Learning one plugin a day.
    I learnt Wavelab, Cubase, Groove Agent 4, Halion5 and EQing/Compressing.
    Critical and analytical listening.
    I have cut cummunication to all but my wife and cats, and my lovely oven.
    Watched all Pensado’s, Hate christian Coahran and his buddy Joe (no talent) Gilder.

    George Carlin new it all.
    Studied Philosophy and french poetry.

    Blah, blah : I Hate people.

    Cheers mate

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