EP115 | Jesse Cannon

EP115 | Jesse Cannon

Jesse Cannon joins us for this episode and we dive into some of the themes from his new book, Processing Creativity.

Technical proficiency is almost never enough to craft music that actually connects with listeners, and yet many of us spend so much of our time focusing on the technical side of production. If you want to produce songs that hit with people then you need to learn to effectively access your creative side. You need to learn how to coax out your flow state and understand the emotional content of the songs you’re working on. Jesse has been working tirelessly to come up with strategies to face these challenges, and he was nice enough to give a substantial peek behind the curtain.

“A band walks in and I hit play on the song, and I’m like, ‘Dude, these lyrics are about your father shooting himself and finding him, why is this song so fucking happy?’ ‘Oh, it was the last one they wrote, so it’s what I put my lyrics to.’ ‘What the fuck are you on?! That’s not how it works.” – Jesse Cannon


– What drove Jesse to write his new book
– The myths surrounding creativity
– Strategies for promoting a flow state
– Why emotion is king when it comes to music
– How to combat analysis paralysis
– And much, much more


Get Processing Creativity here
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