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TT1 | A-List Production Tips And Tricks w/ Dan Korneff

Legendary producer Dan Korneff (Paramore, The Devil Wears Prada, Papa Roach) joins us for a rapid fire Tips & Tricks session that will blow your mind.

Ever wonder what it takes to produce and mix at the highest levels of the music industry? If you answered yes, then this episode is for you.

“I think music exists in octaves. That’s just how it exists. So if you’re doing something in that 3k range check out the 6k, and the 12k and see what’s happening there.” – Dan Korneff

In 35 hard hitting minutes we cover:
  • Dan’s secret guitar widening trick
  • Carving frequencies to make space in a mix
  • High and low passing guitars
  • Surgical EQ on guitars to eliminate harshness while retaining clarity
  • His most hated guitar frequencies
  • Harmonic EQ
  • Processing individual tracks VS busses
  • When to use sidechain compression
  • What’s on his master bus chain
  • Optimizing hybrid mixing setups
  • Why he prefers Cubase
  • Maintaining a quick turnaround

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