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EP4 | Wading Through Chaos with Andrew Wade

We’re joined by acclaimed producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep) to discuss strategies for getting the most out of your sessions.

Everyone who records for a living will agree that nothing goes as planned. Entropy always creeps in. That’s why it’s crucial to setup every aspect of your work environment for maximum efficiency. From your DAW routing, to your client booking method, it all matters.

Remember, producers with long careers have learned to navigate the chaos.

  • Why everything should be so organized
  • How to communicate your vision
  • What should be sent out when you are hiring a mix
  • A breakthrough template method for super efficient mixes
  • What a good rough mix should consist of
  • How to keep things compatible across multiple DAWs
  • A no brainer way to name tracks. You’ll never hunt for lost audio again.
  • What should be sent out when a track is going to be mastered
  • How to avoid disaster AKA how to properly archive your files

Nail The Mix with Andrew Wade
Andrew Wade’s website
Download Pro Tools routing session ptx format
Download Pro Tools routing template ptxt format
Download Cubase routing template
Download Logic routing template
CreativeLIVE: Recording Rock Guitars With Andrew Wade
CreativeLIVE: Recording Rock Vocals With Andrew Wade

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  1. i sometimes heard you guys talking about posting links or extra downloads in the show notes but could never find them on iTunes, glad i found them on this page. Downloading the LPX template as we speak, can’t wait to start messing with that!

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