EP151 | Nolly getgood & Ermin Hamidovic

EP151 | Nolly Getgood & Ermin Hamidovic

On this edition, we’re doubling your podcast value with a round table discussion with Nolly Getgood and Ermin Hamidovic.

Nolly and Ermin have both been amazing contributors for URM, and it felt like a great time to have both of them back. This time out we’re really digging into the mixing/mastering relationship, learning to maximize focus, mental health and maintaining your well being, and answers to a number of your mixing and mastering questions. It’s a great conversation, that goes way beyond just audio and into topics that really apply to everyone.

I think there comes a certain point where, if you want to be a truly good producer, be very aware of the clients you’re working with and be aiming for whatever it is that’s their goal rather than your personal ones.” – Nolly Getgood


– The relationship between Nolly’s mixing and Ermin’s mastering
– Techniques for focusing
– Nolly’s views on meditation
– Maintaining mental health
– Studio One
– Devin Townsend’s vocal tracks
– And much, much more


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Ermin’s previous appearance on the podcast
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The Systematic Mixing Guide

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