EP103 | Keith Merrow

EP103 | Keith Merrow

Guitar god Keith Merrow (Alluvial, Conquering Dystopia) joins us to talk about his production techniques, being an entrepreneur, and what he’s learned while building his music career.

Keith has demonstrated over his years in the industry that he’s got the midas touch. From his guitar chops, to songwriting, collaborations with gear companies, and his Youtube success, the guy turns everything he lays his hands on to gold. Lucky for us, he’s game to share insight into how he’s managed such a prolific career. If you want to carve your own path, regardless of what might stand in your way, this episode is for you.

There’s plenty of ways to get your music out there, and even get it distributed on any platform you could possibly imagine, without ever even contacting a record label.” – Keith Merrow


– Keith’s thoughts on DIY vs. label support
– What it’s taken for him to get to where he is now in the industry
– The importance of being passionate about your craft
– Risks, and why you should take them
– The secrets to Keith’s amazing guitar tones
– When it’s ok to use an ISO cab
– Ways to create an effective space for creativity
– The importance of aesthetics
– Bass production tips
– And much, much more

Keith’s Guitar Workbench:

Keith Merrow's Guitar Workbench


KeithMerrow.com, where you can pick up the new Alluvial album, “The Deep Longing for Annihilation
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  1. Awesome interview. From someone like me who does not have the knowledge but loves everything you guys do, thank you so much for sharing.

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