EP104 | Orchestration With JD of Ice Nine Kills

EP104 | Orchestration With JD of Ice Nine Kills

We’ve got JD, guitarist, screamer, and all around orchestral guru for Ice Nine Kills on board for some mind expanding discussion about integrating orchestration into the creative process.

It’s really difficult to figure out where to start with orchestration. It’s already a handful getting drums, bass, vocals, and guitar to sit happily together on the frequency spectrum. Add in a whole separate set of dozens of instruments and it seems like an impossible task. It’s not, and JD is going to get you on the right track to make it happen.

And if you have any questions for JD after listening to the podcast, send them to eyal@urm.academy with the subject line “Dear JD.”

The thing that actually helped me learn the absolute most about my software and my ability to manipulate my software was making my 5000 track template.” – JD


– How to begin to understand how to incorporate orchestration into your music
– What led JD to want to learn how to include orchestration in INK’s music
– Which sample libraries are go to’s for solid sounding productions
– The importance of a well done arrangement
– How to control and humanize a sample based orchestra
– Hardware suggestions for orchestration and what JD uses himself
– And much, much more

A Look at JD’s Mix Template

inkjd Master Template Mix Window


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