EP90 | Misha Mansoor

EP90 | Misha Mansoor

Best known for being the guitarist of Periphery, Misha Mansoor is also a successful entrepreneur and known in the industry for his killer business sense. He joins us to touch on all of the above, shining a light on the importance of doing what you love, doing it well, and using your knowledge as a tool and a weapon.

This episode is packed with solid info about a variety of topics: creativity, business advice, nerdy gear talk, and even personal skills.

If we’re going to do a deal, let’s do it right.” – Misha Mansoor


– Creating music because you want to, rather than succumbing to guilt
– How Periphery navigated getting signed to a label
– Misha’s approach to becoming involved in Horizon Devices
– His tips for writing and recording midi instrument parts
– Why Misha doesn’t practice guitar
– Periphery’s live in ear setup
– The guitar tone on Periphery 3, and pedals he keeps coming back to
– And much, much more


Horizon Devices
Getgood Drums
Misha’s Fractal Cab Pack 13

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