We’re hiring: Digital Media Creator

If you love creating fun, engaging videos and graphics and are passionate about helping to create the next generation of audio pros, we want to talk to you!

Interested? Send your portfolio + a little blurb about why you are the right person for the job to finn@urm.academy

About you:

A motivated, ambitious self-starter who can come up with great ideas and bring them to life as videos and graphics that live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our members-only site

About us:

We are the world’s best online school for rock and metal producers, with thousands of members from all over the world.

Some of the mixers and artists we’ve had on the platform include Daniel Bergstrand + Meshuggah, Andrew Wade + A Day To Remember, Fredrik Nordstrom + Bring Me The Horizon, Nolly + Periphery and Kris Crummett + Dance Gavin Dance among DOZENS of others.

This role is part time for now, with the goal of going full time if and when it makes sense for both us.

Examples of the content we’re talking about:

Here’s the formal job description:

A jack of all trades operating as a “one person band,” the Digital Media Creator’s job is to produce content that drives brand, engagement and sales for URM. The DMC’s content should position URM as the leading source of education for rock and metal producers; put URM at the center of important conversations, debates and discussions; and drive leads/sales of products.

The DMC should be on the bleeding edge of social media trends, constantly pushing the envelope, trying new ideas, discarding the ones that don’t work and doubling down on the ones that do. With a “by any means necessary” attitude, the DMC should always be looking for the balance of quality and quantity that delivers maximum impact without sacrificing brand and credibility.


Produce graphics and videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and any other relevant platform

  • Drive the entire process from concept to execution
    • For graphics: concept + create
    • For videos: produce, shoot, edit
  • Get help from other team members as needed


  • At least once per day on Facebook and IG
  • 1-2 per month on YouTube

Constantly innovate on formats, concepts and process to keep everything feeling fresh and relevant


Create ads for every month’s flagship content

  • NTM session
  • Fast Track

Create ads for higher-level offerings on a regular basis (~quarterly)

  • Nail The Mix
  • Enhanced
  • Mix Lab, Mix Rescue, One On Ones


NTM + Enhanced content, Courses

  • Hero images (Fast Tracks, NTM)
  • Slide templates (Fast Tracks)
  • Fast Track bumpers

YouTube thumbnails


  • Summit
  • Meetups


On a monthly basis, recap the team on the state of the union: what we’ve been doing, what’s working, what isn’t and what’s next

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