EP 247 | J. Hall

EP 247 | J. Hall

J. Hall is not only a prolific mixer, but also an up and coming thought leader for creatives. He’s worked with Story of the Year, NAWAS, Hidden Hospitals, Mat Kearney, Mae, Acceptance, The Spill Canvas and many more.


3:39 – The nuances of podcasting remotely vs. in person

9:09 – Intellectualism is cool now

19:44 – Giving back by sharing with the next generation

28:59 – Schools can wind up teaching you outdated information that isn’t useful in a studio

36:05 – What it’s like being an introvert by nature and still having to deal with people

54:19 – How you can sell yourself or your services without having credibility

1:16:03 – Advice for people who are terrified of failing

1:32:05 – How producers get marketing wrong (and how to fix it)

1:59:28 – You shouldn’t limit yourself early on, but when can you start specializing?

2:14:56 – Knowing when to delegate but also knowing how to do multiple tasks just in case you need to cover for someone

2:19:15 – How to approach someone about an internship and what to do when you land the internship

2:46:29 – The difference between a runner (or assistant) and an intern

2:51:35 – Do interns need to be paid if they get an education in return?


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