EP 246 | Jakob Herrmann

EP 246 | Jakob Herrmann

Jakob Herrmann is a staple in the Gothenburg music scene and the owner of Top Floor Studios. As a producer and recording engineer he’s worked with killer artists such as Anthrax, Amaranthe, Evergrey, and Raised Fist.


3:10 – The history of Jakob’s studio and Gothenburg’s music scene

13:29 – You can’t just throw bands together and say “support the scene”

17:32 – How Sweden’s way of life makes being in a band easier

25:44 – Why is the Gothenburg community is good for business?

34:22 – Cultivating relationships and being a pro will help you immensely 

51:40 – How Jakob went from 0 to getting people to trust him in the studio

1:01:10 – Drums were Jakob’s main obsession and it led him to a different kind of side gig

1:14:29 – Don’t inflate what your role is and how you should approach it instead

1:25:14 – Don’t be creepy when you want to be someone’s assistant

1:30:44 – Prepare to sacrifice everything

1:37:18 – Learning how to handle turning points and hitting critical mass

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