EP 245 | Dan Swano

EP 245 | Dan Swano

Dan Swano is not only a multi-instrumentalist but a mixing and mastering machine. He’s a staple in the Scandinavian Metal scene best known for work with Opeth, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Aeon, Edge of Sanity, and many, many more.


1:40 – How Dan would define his career

4:45 – Metal music sounding horrible in a live setting

13:57 – Things you probably didn’t know about how ABBA recorded vocals 

20:25 – Overcoming the issues that come up with vocalists who can’t stand still

29:00 – Time management, because the music industry is inefficient

44:15 – Handling momentum, especially when you need to switch projects

53:00 – Don’t release songs just to cater to fans

1:00:00 – How Opeth blew Dan’s mind in the studio

1:04:00 – Figure out what it is you want to do, no matter how long it takes you

1:12:04 – Dan’s unusual guitar playing

1:19:49 – Guitar tones on Resurrection Through Carnage

1:29:20 – Using reverb in metal mixes



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