EP 248 | Joey Sturgis

EP 248 | Joey Sturgis

Joey Sturgis makes his return to the podcast and shares insight on identifying demands and meeting them in the audio production world.


2:35 – You have to keep the content fresh

4:43 – Does Joey Sturgis miss producing bands? 

12:00 – Being an active participant vs. being a lurker vs. being a negative presence

26:00 – Some people will like their jobs and others won’t, but you don’t have to stick with one thing

35:36 – How you know when there’s a demand for a certain product or service

45:54 – Learning where to draw the line, especially when it comes to requests

48:19 – How to handle giving someone mix notes as the client

59:31 – Where’s the line between hateful comments and constructive criticism?

1:05:11 – What our caveman DNA wants us to do

1:09:38 – You are a marketer when you’re in the studio

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