TT13 | Guitar Building and Setup Tips and Tricks With Nick Sampson

TT13 | Guitar Building and Setup Tips and Tricks With Nick Sampson

Nick Sampson joins us to give you some tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t end up in the studio with a janky guitar that sounds like trash.

Whether you’re a guitarist trying to make the most out of a lower end guitar or a producer tired of dealing with guitarists that don’t seem to care about making the most out of that lower end guitar this discussion is full of info that can help. In addition to tips for getting your guitars setup, we talk about advances in guitar technology, and how to make sure you’re making smart guitar purchases in the first place.

You think audio stuff is challenging, try working with wood.” – Nick Sampson


– Nick’s drive to advance guitar technology
– What to expect when going with a custom vs. mass produced guitar
– Truss rod issues
– How to make sure that you’re making a smart purchase
– New developments in materials and hardware
– String gauge suggestions
– And much, much more

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