EP50 | 1 Year Anniversary Show With Josh Newell

EP50 | 1 Year Anniversary Show With Josh Newell

#party, people! Listen in on the 1 year anniversary of the URM Podcast. We’ve got Josh Newell on board to help us celebrate.

Josh isn’t JUST here to celebrate with us. We also load the discussion with tons of info, as usual. The festivities include discussion about how to persevere through the difficult early days of your career, not getting caught up in specific gear or software, and how to not become the subject of an assistant horror story.

I think like with anything, you get what you put into it, and the harder you work, the more passionate and committed you are to excellence, and the more you want to be great at what you’re doing, the better you’re going to be. And I feel that education is an immersive experience; you just have to live, breathe, eat, sleep what you’re passionate about and you’ll become great at it over time.” – Joel Wanasek


– The importance of paying attention to successful individuals
– Working with limited resources
– Assistant horror stories
– Not getting caught up in gear/plugin acquisition syndrome
– Why you need to network, network, and network some more
– The difficulty of starting a career and how to persevere
– And much, much more


Time Travel to the future to celebrate our 2nd year with episode 102

Thanks for listening!
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