EP102 | 2 Year Anniversary Special With Josh Newell

EP102 | 2 Year Anniversary Special With Josh Newell

#party, people! It’s the podcast’s 2 year anniversary, and Josh Newell is back to celebrate with us.

It’s not all fun and games though. You’re in for some quality discussion about Josh’s experiences working with Linkin Park. We also take turns ranting about horrible assistants that live to make our lives harder and cheap equipment that does nothing but personify the spirit of “suck.” So, sit back, relax, and happy anniversary.

I’m going to fight you on this; I actually like the St. Anger snare.” – Joel Wanasek


– The technical trials and tribulations of getting this podcast out to you guys
– Josh’s computer rig update guidelines for a big project like Linkin Park
– The potential for cabin fever when you work on a project for a year and a half
– Getting mad about getting mad at crappy assistants
– The pros and cons of big productions and small productions
– The importance of fresh strings and drum heads
– Why you don’t want to record cheap drum kits and how to avoid getting stuck having to
– The potential value of bad tones
– And much, much more


Josh’s website
Josh’s previous appearance on the URM Podcast
NRG Studios
Sphere Studios

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