EP27 | Mixcritmonday

EP27 | Mixcritmonday With Tiago Carvalho

We just love hearing about success stories. Can’t get enough. We felt we had to share how far one of our students has come. This month’s #Mixcritmonday, we talk with longtime subscriber Tiago Carvalho and check on his evolution as a producer/mixer.

Tiago gives you a walkthrough of the process he went through to build his studio effectively on a budget. We then talk about how Tiago has gone from a production hopeful to having international clients like Sony beating down his doors.

S*** going in – s*** going out or gold going in – platinum going out” -Tiago Carvalho


– Just how crucial the little details matter to the end result
– Tiago’s ability to craft DIY remedies
– Choosing the right Ozone algorithm to avoid clipping
– Cost effective, high quality acoustic treatment
– Ways to ensure your vocals aren’t “stuck in the past”
– What it’s like to work for major labels
– Automating Slate FG-X


Tiago’s studio
GIK Acoustics

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