EP144 | Matt Halpern

EP144 | Matt Halpern

Periphery drum god and entrepreneur, Matt Halpern, joins us for this episode to talk about successfully navigating the precariously shifting music industry.

Matt’s approach to entrepreneurship is inspiring. A lot of people are paralyzed out of attempting new things due to fear of failure, but Matt’s problem solving approach to things means failure is just another opportunity to learn. We talk about the importance of taking risks, where the industry is heading, how to make smart entrepreneurial decisions, and a whole lot more.

I like taking risk. I like the opportunity to fail, because there’s always something to learn from that.” – Matt Halpern


– Where the industry is going
– Embracing the possibility of failure
– Matt’s advice for keeping up energy while playing and avoiding wrist pain
– Time management and “sprinting” effectively
– Productivity as leisure
– What to keep in mind when starting your own company
– And much, much more


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The wrist exercise ball Matt recommended on this episode

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