EP138 | The Winners' Circle Saosin Edition

EP138 | The Winners’ Circle Saosin Edition

We’ve got the mix poll winners from Saosin month: Robin Leijon, Luke Edwards, and Ivan Aguilar here to answer your questions about what it takes to end up with a winning mix.

Listen in on this discussion if you’re looking for insight into what goes on in the minds of Nail the Mix subscribers that produce solid results. You’re going to hear some philosophies – like not overthinking and spending too much time on a mix – that carry over to all 3 winners. Each of them also have some things that they do a bit differently that are pretty intriguing.

I want to step up my game so I can be as fast as Decker, because that was insane.” – Robin Leijon


– Robin’s take winning multiple times and what he learned from the months when he didn’t even place
– What all 3 did or didn’t do differently on months that they won
– The most important things they’ve learned from Nail the Mix
– Experiences when they thought they had a killer mix but didn’t
– The most difficult things they’ve overcome
– Takeaways from recent NTM live mix events
– And much, much more

Robin Leijon’s Video Tutorial On Parallel Compression

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