EP137 | John Boecklin

EP137 | John Boecklin

John Boecklin (Devildriver, Bad Wolves) talks about what it takes to be the type of musician that producers love having in the studio and musicians should strive to be.

The song is what matters. We all know this, right? It’s been said countless times, but it can be difficult for many of us to set aside egos and actually put the song first. John is a guy that, by all rights, should have a huge ego; as if being a total badass drummer wasn’t enough, he also molded himself into an equally badass riff machine. But it becomes obvious when listening to him talk about it that he’s actually almost totally devoid of ego about it, because he approaches his craft to serve the song.

“I could find problems in every piece of material I’ve ever written or done. And I think that’s an honesty that some people don’t have, but they should.” – John Boecklin


– What it takes to be the go to guy for recording
– Being honest with yourself about needing to work on your technique
– John’s approach to guitar as someone that doesn’t consider himself a guitarist
– The pros and cons of kick pads
– What John looks for in a producer
– And much, much more


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