EP112 | Studio Acoustics Masterclass With Jesco Lohan

EP112 | Studio Acoustics Masterclass With Jesco Lohan

Jesco Lohan wants you to know that your studio doesn’t have to sound like crap, and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of cash to make sure it doesn’t.

Are you in your studio? Play this podcast in there; how’s it sound? Have you really considered your room’s acoustics lately? If you’re not confident in the acoustics of the room you mix in then you’re going to love the goldmine of information, from finding your sweet spot to DIY treatment, that Jesco drops in this episode. So, kick back, try to ignore the annoying frequency response your room is probably contributing for now, and listen up.

For me, the most important thing is getting a balanced frequency response. It doesn’t have to be flat. To be honest, flat doesn’t exist.” – Jesco Lohan


– The importance of balanced frequency response vs. the idea of “flat” frequency response
– Where Jesco’s commitment to acoustics began
– How to find your room’s sweet spot
– The order of importance for different types of treatment
– DIY acoustic panels
– Why you should mix quietly and level match your reference tracks
– And much, much more


Jesco’s blog about fixing your studio’s low end
Jesco’s site – Acoustics Insider

Peter Gabriel's StudioPeter Gabriel’s studio that’s discussed in the episode 

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