EP133 | Dear Jesco

EP133 | Dear Jesco

Jesco Lohan takes over the podcast in this episode to drop some knowledge bombs.

Want Jesco to answer your questions? Send them to eyal@urm.academy with the subject line “Dear Jesco.” The more detailed the better!

Our main job as mixers is to set the balance, and the better you get at controlling volume, at manipulating volume, at using volume creatively, the better your mixes will be.” – Jesco Lohan


– Dealing with bass when you share walls with neighbors
– Jesco’s workflow and mix prep tips
– How acoustic treatment should be installed
– Setting up a small recording isolation booth vs. recording in your control room
– And much, much more


Acoustics Insider
Episode 112 of the URM Podcast with Jesco
Jesco’s URM Blog about addressing the low end in your studio

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