EP109 | Jay Maas

EP109 | Jay Maas

Jay Maas is back, and he’s got some incredibly important things to say about the art of production that you need to hear.

Jay has an awesome perspective on the craft. If you’re expecting to be told about the newest “magical” gear that will solve your problems, we’ve got some bad news for you. But if you actually want to be a great producer you should listen to what Jay has to say.

The stuff that matters is: are you an artist? Are you committed to making something special at any cost?” – Jay Maas


– Developing while working under an established producer
– Intern goals
– Going where the clients are
– The importance of interpersonal and artistic elements of production
– How touring experience can help with recording in different locales
– Why gear isn’t all that
– Being open to life experiences
– And much, much more


Jay Maas Recording

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