EP108 | Dear Eyal

EP108 | Dear Eyal

You guys have questions, Eyal Levi’s got your answers.

Want Eyal to answer your questions? Send them to [email protected] with the subject line “Dear Eyal.” The more detailed the better!

Since it’s 100% natural to feel the doubt, you can’t really stop that voice from coming at you; you have to learn how to overcome it and get over it.” – Eyal Levi


– Eyal’s suggestions for approaching school
– Special contributor Mike Mowery’s take on lyric videos and social media
– Confronting self doubt
– Eyal’s predictions about the future of analog and digital gear
– How to save a session when you’ve received disastrous drum tracks
– And much, much more

Thanks for listening!
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  1. It must have been the fretless bass that I heard, during the breakdown of “Blender for the Baby”. It was really intriguing to hear that type of bass sound in a genre where bass tones are usually very bright or overdriven. Thanks for the answer!

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