EP43 | Mixcritmonday

EP43 | Mixcritmonday

Welcome to #Mixcritmonday, the show where we critique YOUR mixes.

On this edition, we’ve got a pop punk song and an extreme metal track on the table. So, we’re throwing them in a blender and pouring a refreshing crit smoothie into your ears.

It really should be in your fucking face, and the song explodes through your speakers, and is upbeat and energetic and, ‘Fuck yeah! I wanna eat pizza and make out with pop punk girls’ kind of thing.” – Eyal Levi


– Making sure you don’t suck all the power out of your mixes
– Not overloading a song with unnecessary panning
– Why you need to keep the genre in mind while recording and mixing
– Hooks! Why you need to work to find ones that connect with listeners
– Why you shouldn’t just cram your tracks with filler riffs
– No filler all killer
– Every moment in a song having its perfect place in the arrangement
– And much, much more

Thanks for listening!
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