Why you DON’T need to advertise your studio! [The Career Builder Show]

THIS is the most effective marketing tool any producer can have!

If you’re thinking about running Facebook or Google ads for your studio… STOP! Because the cold truth is that the single most effective way for producers to build their name, get new clients, and climb the ladder of success is WORD OF MOUTH, not advertising.

You might be thinking, “But I see your ads all the time!! If you guys use them, why shouldn’t I use them too?” The difference is that we are a company that sells a PRODUCT, and you are an individual who is offering a creative service – and these two categories play by completely different rules.

Joey Sturgis explains why word of mouth is SO important for producers, and how it was the key to his own career taking off the way it did

Advertising is great for products, or for services where the person providing the service is basically interchangeable and disposable like say house painters or ambulance chasing lawyers. But producers aren’t disposable! We want our clients to choose us based on our unique creative ideas, not because they Googled for “recording studio Orlando” and clicked on the first thing they saw… how good of a client do you think THAT person is going to be? Are those REALLY the kind of people you want to be going after?

Think about it: have you EVER heard a top producer say “I owe all my success to this one Google Adwords campaign I ran years ago!!” No, you haven’t – it’s ALWAYS something like Joey’s story in the video: “Well, I did this one album and everybody loved it, they looked up who recorded it, then they started calling me!” Because THAT is how this business works – it’s about doing great work, and building relationships NOT running ads.

So if you’re looking to build your career as a producer, that’s where you should be focusing – anything else is a distraction!

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