Andrew Wade’s legendary DREAM GATE for drums!

The PERFECT gate?! It just might be…

Drums are every mixer’s worst enemy and best friend – they’re the foundation of the mix, but can also be incredibly difficult to work with because it’s really like mixing a dozen or more instruments in one, with each piece of the kit and each mic presenting its own challenges.

The key is to have total and absolute control over every single note of your drum tracks to bring out the best of a great performance, or address problem parts of a performance that isn’t so great.

Here’s how our friend Andrew Wade does it in this gamechanging clip from his recent Nail The Mix session where he walks you through his “dream gate:”

Boom! There you go – Andrew’s top secret, ridiculously powerful process for turning almost any set of drum tracks into the raw materials for a great mix. You’re welcome 🙂

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