EP197 | Kevin McCombs

EP197 | Kevin McCombs

We’re joined this week by Kevin McCombs (Midnight Oil Recording, Crypteria), as we continue our profiles of URM Academy members.

Kevin charged full speed into his audio production career, and we’re excited to have him on board to see firsthand what he’s doing. We discuss the importance of involvement in your local music scene for gaining clients, how Nail The Mix and the URM Summit have changed his life, and why bands wanting to do pre-production or tracking is a good thing.

I try to go to at least one show a week in my area, and the return on investment for buying someone a beer is also unbelievable.” – Kevin McCombs


2:00 Kevin’s experience building a studio from scratch in an industrial space, transitioning from working at an aerospace company
6:00 Strategies for reaching out to bands
12:00 Facing uncertainty and not being fully booked (get used to it)
17:14 Working with bands that want to do pre-production themselves
25:00 The importance of attention to detail and having a process as part of building trust
30:00 Kevin’s URM Summit experience
37:00 Using Nail The Mix to test your own instincts before seeing what the mixer actually did
41:14 Understanding the needs of your specific market
43:27 Advice for turning audio into a full time job
And much, much more


Midnight Oil Recording

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