EP 257 | Bill Hudson

EP 257 | Bill Hudson

Bill Hudson is an in-demand session guitarist who has played with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I Am Morbid, Savatage, and more. He’s currently the lead guitarist for NorthTale.


2:27 – The impact of Coronavirus

11:32 – Touring & the rise of YouTube 

19:07 – Metalcore and prog bands

25:38 – Pop music has improved

38:45 – Understanding your preferences

50:23 – Making the best of a negative situation

58:16 – Keeping up with potential gigs

1:08:30 – Understanding your strengths

1:20:49 – Living in America, but playing in Europe

1:36:59 – Bill’s rules for being a hired gun

1:47:11 – Agreeing with a producer when another band member doesn’t

1:59:41 – Old school wisdom

2:05:15 – Autotune

Check out Bill on URM Podcast #135.

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