EP 256 | Brad Blackwood

EP 256 | Brad Blackwood

Brad Blackwood, Grammy-winning mastering engineer who’s worked with artists such as Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, Lamb of God, returns to the URM Podcast!


5:04 – Feeling like you should have done more

14:42 – The rise of audio schools

28:44 – Barely getting paid for your first recording job and finding your path

40:04 – Starting Euphonic Masters

49:02 – Brad’s insane client list and how some opportunities came about

1:00:40 – Being easy to hang out with is crucial

1:14:46 – Building a personal brand

1:25:26 – Brad’s Grammy achievements

1:38:42 – Figuring out what to accomplish next

1:50:15 – Changing your diet and your habits

2:05:15 – Getting loudness and when to ask for mix revisions

2:17:21 – Should you ignore LUFS?

2:22:12 – Brad’s approach to dynamic songs

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