EP135 | Bill Hudson

EP135 | Bill Hudson

Bill Hudson (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) is on this episode with real talk about overcoming alcoholism (and living in Nebraska) to achieve a long running, successful career that he’s passionate about.

Bill has gone from being a bedroom shredder in Brazil to making his way to the U.S. to grinding it out in bands and almost sabotaging himself with drinking to playing in one of the biggest institutions in metal. His story is amazing, and there’s lessons to be learned from every step he took along the way.

Generally, none of these great opportunities come out of nowhere. They’re usually a result of a couple years or more of knowing people and working with them on smaller things and developing relationships until the bigger thing happens.” – Eyal Levi


– Bill’s experience growing up as a shredder in training in Brazil
– Why you shouldn’t just hop on popular trends
– The potential for alcoholism to damage careers
– The opportunities that presented themselves when Bill started taking care of himself
– How building relationships over time led to him becoming part of TSO
– And much, much more


Bill Hudson


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  1. Very interesting interview with Bill Hudson! He’d never remember, but I had dinner with him and the Epicurean boys (also on Metal Blade at the time) around 2008 in Minneapolis when he first joined them. Cool to see his success over the years and great to hear he’s sober!

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