EP136 | Eric German

EP136 | Eric German

High powered entertainment attorney Eric German joins the podcast to answer your questions about legal issues in audio and music.

Eric has an amazing mindset, and, beyond getting a peek into the mind of a lawyer, so much of what he says during this talk applies to people on all ends of the industry and beyond. We touch on topics from walking you through some of the legal hurdles to look out for to keeping youtube cover songs legal to philosophies for maintaining passion about your work.

People think that all they have to do is meet someone that’s connected, and that will take care of everything for them. That’s one of the biggest myths/fictions in music.” – Eric German


– How Eric has maintained passion for music while building his law career
– How to find an entertainment lawyer
– Handling copyright issues related to doing covers
– Producer agreements
– The legalities of running a studio from your home
– Why stories about “getting screwed” by labels usually aren’t as clear cut as they seem
– And much, much more

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