EP 251 | Jesse Zuretti

EP 251 | Jesse Zuretti

Jesse Zuretti is a soundtrack composer / guitarist who has written music for Marvel as well as various films. He joins the podcast to discuss how to break into composing, his daily workflow, knowing when to quit, and more.


3:46 – Is moving to LA BS or are there real opportunities there? 

10:43 – You can suck at using your skill

18:29 – The best player of a specific instrument is the one who should record

27:11 – Parasite vs Joker

41:13 – How good you are doesn’t matter if you can’t market yourself and meet people

44:36 – Networking: metal vs Hollywood

51:34 – How Jesse got realistic about composing music

1:06:17 – Sometimes being brutal with people is a good thing

1:16:01 – What Jesse’s typical workday looks like 

1:30:29 – Delete things that aren’t up to your standard… permanently

1:49:14 – Deadlines are part of the creative process and you can’t avoid them

1:58:10 – People will always feel different levels of success in different ways

2:09:30 – Why you should keep your goals to yourself

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