EP 252 | Matt Good

EP 252 | Matt Good

Matt Good is the guitarist and vocalist of From First To Last as well as a producer/mixer best known for his work with Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, Hollywood Undead and many more. In this episode, he dives into his learning process, what his workflow is like, gaining a band’s trust, and much more.


3:26 – High quality podcasting gear

9:54 – Not wanting to listen to music after working on it all day

16:55 – Art is a moment in time

22:20 – Knowing when to take chances and make strong decisions

29:45 – The importance of workflow and mentors

35:09 – Why just using one guitar tuning is limiting

40:35 – How streaming has helped bend genres and musicians as a whole

51;44 – Napster was 20 years ago (!!!)

58:38 – Getting perspective from people who aren’t just like you

1:02:31 – Steps Matt took to become a professional producer

1:21:12 – Gaining the trust of a bigger band and putting the work in to get better

1:31:53 – What went into Matt’s game-changing template

1:50:35 – Accounting for things that aren’t part of the normal work experience

1:53:34 – How Matt figures out what sounds go well with any given part of a song

1:56:26 – Matt didn’t have a goal when working on the Sleeping with Sirens album

2:00:04 – What creates a good source tone 

2:09:52 – Everything you like is subjective to who you are and how you find certainty

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