Unboxing A Day To Remember raw multi-tracks

Take notes on this arrangement!

Eyal Levi takes you on a guided tour of the raw multi-tracks for “Right Back At It Again” by A Day To Remember, as seen on Nail The Mix in 2017.

Here’s a few things to note as you watch the unboxing:

  • Lots and lots of layers of vocals, as you’d expect from a Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade production. There’s a LOT of interesting details about the vocal arrangement in this song, and you’d be smart to pay close attention to them.
  • Several layers of effects/post-production for the bridge (marching band, beatboxing, etc). Take notes on this part!
  • Guitars are provided both amped and DI – Bass is provided amped and as MIDI, if you want to use a virtual instrument in addition to/instead of the performed track (for example, to use as a sub-bass track)

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