EP199 | Jesse Cannon corrected

EP199 | Jesse Cannon

Jesse Cannon returns to the show to discuss his new podcast “Inside the Album,” emotion in lyrics, and details about the URM SUMMIT.

We always have amazing discussions with Jesse when he joins us on the show, and this time is no different. If you have a tendency to get hung up on the technical side of recording there are some truth bombs in here that you really need to hear.

It was very interesting that a band that’s regarded as so musically adept and technically proficient, but also emotional as fuck, their delivery would also get sloppy in those moments. It doesn’t matter who you are, the moment that that emotion comes out your skills will go down the drain.” – Eyal Levi


4:00 How lyrics depend on the emotional delivery
5:38 Working with Ross Robinson and Korn
9:30 Jesse’s view on divergent streams – people who overthink vs not enough concentration and how producers can manage personalities
15:00 Jesse’s URM Summit discussion – dealing with inherent limitations in creative ways to get the job done
20:00 Good faith/bad faith arguments when it comes to mix notes and taste decisions
32:00 Jesse’s work on Atlantic Records “Inside The Album” podcast, Jesse’s time management strategies
40:00 Document your failures and focus on them rather than putting them aside, on the hour reminders
52:00 The process of quickly becoming friends with strangers from the music industry perspective
58:00 Shotgun mics and incorporating new ideas into your process
1:05:00 The URM Summit and the importance of networking


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